You taller than your brother?
 nop,he far more taller than me
Are you an emotional person?
Has anyone ever spread a rumor about u?
When the last time you saw your mom?
 pagi isnin lepas….(miss her very much)
Do you think you are a good person?
What woke you up this morning?
Is tomorrow going to be a good day?
Do you believe that you can change for someone?
Were you smiling when you woke up this morning?
 tak kot…
whose the first person you text after you woke up?
When was the last time you cried really hard?
 few days ago….
Does your head hurt right now?
Do you want to be in a relationship?
 not now…
What is your mood right now?
 mawar khayalan…haaaaa
What is the last movie that you watched?
Do you ever turn your cell phone off?
What does the front of your shirt say?
 erk….wearing batik collection la….heeee
Who was the last people you spoke to on the phone?
What are you listening to?
i love you~celien dion~
Are there people that you wished never existed?
nop,everyone represents color for  my life
Honestly, would you lie to a friend to protect them?
 hmmm….why dont just be frank???
If there was someone you could get back in your life, would you?
let gone be by gone
Who’s someone funny that you know?
 ntoh ler….
What are your plans for tomorrow?
 g keje laa….
Who was the last person to tell you they love you?
Do you ever think “what if” about everything?
 tak bek….
Has more than one person ever told you they’re in love with you?
Looking forward to something this weekend?
Do you hate it when people smoke around you?
 yup,speacially at public,lemas~
Do you drink nescafe?
 nop, my body system banned nescafe,heee
In the past week have you cried?
Where’s the last place you went?
 clinic semarak & car workshop
Have you ever been awake for more than 2 nights?
Are you waiting for something?
What were you doing at ten last night?
Last message you received, who was it from?
 adik kesayangan ku…..kangen sama loh…
Do you have bestfreind?who?
 o’o, her and him…
Did you cry today?
Do you hate the last person you had a serious conversation with?

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