Friday January 30, 2009

Taman Sri Ukay residents against school in their midst


IT has been over a decade since the school in Jalan 3, Taman Sri Ukay, Ampang, started its operations in the residential area.

Now, after many years of putting up with the noise and traffic congestion, the residents have had enough.

The Taman Sri Ukay Hillview Residents Association chairman, Mohd Shah Abdullah, said the private school never asked the residents for their consent.

“Initially, they were operating from an apartment but then converted it into a school in late 1998.

Cause of discontentment: The school in Taman Sri Ukay.

“We submitted signatures opposing to the school initially.

“In the beginning, there were only 200 students but now there are about 900 students.

“They have taken over the area and the nearby shops as well to accommodate the schoolchildren.

“They even use our field to conduct activities for the children.

“In the morning, afternoon and evening, when the parents come to drop or pick them up, the traffic is unbearable.

“The teachers and staff also park their cars indiscriminately.

“This is a residential area and there is not enough parking space and the roads cannot accommodate the volume of cars that pass by here every day.

“We have even written to the Education Ministry and the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) regarding the matter last year but there has been no response.

“We are also unable to locate the information on the land status of the school, which was an apartment.

“It is as if our complaints have fallen on deaf ears. We are basically left in a limbo over the matter.

“The school is a business enterprise, catering mostly to the affluent people.

“They have also set up a nursery in Jalan 1 recently,” he said.

Mohd Shah said it was best if the school was relocated to a proper place and not in this residential area.

Entrepreneur Datuk Paduka Sharifah Hishmah Shahabudin, whose house is situated next to the nursery is also annoyed with the situation.

“We told the owner that we are not keen on the idea of this nursery being here.

“They said that it was only for the staff and teachers and not opened to the public.

“When I saw them putting up the signage for the day care, I called the MPAJ about the matter.

“Parents who come here sometimes just park in front of the house and there were times when I was unable to leave because my entrance was blocked.

“I am not against the school or the children but this is not a conducive environment for all this.

“I have also been into the school when it was operating in an apartment and I cannot imagine how the classes have been put together.

“I have tolerated this situation for too long,” she said.

According to MPAJ public relations officer Norhayati Ahmad, the school has a legitimate licence from the council.

“The business licence allows for the establishment of an institute in accordance with the guidelines.

“However, we did not receive any application for the development or construction of a school,” she said.


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